“Call it Staying Power, Call it Stamina, You can call it what you want! I CALL IT TALENT!! We continue to remain relevant in Pop Culture.”
— - Wayne Williams VP/RCA Records




I learned so much about songwriting and production from my music mentor Roy Hamilton III and he helped me secure my first major publishing deal.

Los Angeles Based Songwriter/Producer

— Tommy Brown


I felt passion and focused energy! Working on my first original single was an absolute pleasure! I felt comfortable and confident in the process.

Toronto/Los Angeles Based actor, Singer

— Ana Golja


I’ve learned that its very important to find our who you are as a person and as an artist so I am authentic. I found the sound that suites me! Its been an amazing journey and a blessing.

New York Based Singer, Songwriter

— Myles Marcus


Recording my first EP was amazing! “Roy makes anything possible. Now I understand different elements of music, and his confidence and positive spirit inspired me. He truly listened to what I had envisioned and used his creative skills to help make my dream a reality”. I’ve already won a huge Songwriter award through SoCAN with my single, “Cadillac”!

Vancouver based youth entertainer

— William Dolan


Roy Hamilton III is one of the most prolific talents of our time. I'm grateful for the Gospel song “Warriors” he wrote and gave me for my album and excited about the 2019 Gospel Music Album of the year award we have together!

Vancouver based singer, Songwriter

— Warren Dean Flandez


Everyone’s well prepared and nice, so working together turns out to be easy and productive at the same time. 
Roy’s approach makes all the ideas come out naturally and at their very best. I’m so proud of our work and very grateful for it.

Milan/Italy Based Singer, Songwriter

— Arianna Costantin


Working with Roy Hamilton III for the last 5 years has been absolutely amazing. We have written for both my own record as well as numerous other artists. Every single time we get into a studio, magic just happens and the music just flows out. That is truly a gift.

Toronto based Singer, Songwriter

— Dahlia Fernandes


For the first time I can honestly say, I trust my producer. We are making amazing music together!

U.K. Based Singer, Songwriter

— Jenna Shingleton


Roy Hamilton is one of the most amazingly talented power players in the music business his ability to not only produce for the biggest stars in the biz but also define their unique artistry and cultivate their sound is a true gift.

Los Angeles Based Singer, Songwriters

— Carlos & Steve Battey of The Jackie Boyz


I gained many great lessons and connections during my time working with Roy and his team. It’s a great Family to come from!

Los Angeles Based Songwriter, Producer

— Brian Lee


Performance and fitness coaching with my mentor Roy Hamilton III has been amazing! I’ve learned that Im much more of a live performer than I thought!

Toronto Based Singer, Songwriter

— Amber J


I produced my first songs ever with Roy and his team and I Couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Toronto Based Singer, Songwriter

— Giuliana Mascia